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PlugRush review


PlugRush is a website that helps bring high quality traffic and creates plug-ins speficaclly for your website to increase profits. We recommend to all of our affiliates to work with PlugRush becasue of the success rate that has been proven by using this amazing software. After signing up and activating an account with Plugrush you can work as an advertiser or a publisher. This article will help you have an overview of what it is like to work with Plugrush as an advertiser, a publisher and with our affiliate program. This PlugRush review offered exclusivly by Best Affiliate Programs offers the most newely revised and edited review on PlugRush available in the market today!
Signup now with PlugRush and increase your traffic and profits today!

PlugRush 1 PlugRush Review Increase your Traffic Today!
PlugRush Landing Page, the Next Generation Trafficer!

Getting Set Up with PlugRush

Once working with PlugRush you can buy high quality, targeted traffic directly to your website. You can easily set up campaigns in your account to drive traffic instantly to your website. This is enhanced by our large network of publishers who traffic millions of visitors per day. Everything is available in order for you to increase business and income, whether you need traffic to your website, mobile redirects or popunders. Starting a campaign is easy and fast.
  • Step 1:
    Add funds: Load money to your PlugRush Account to buy traffic. You can load the money through any of the available payment modes; PayPal, Redpass, wire transfer, Paxum or payoneer.
  • Step 2;
    Create your campaign: You can either use an existing campaign or create a new ad. After you created a new campaign, one may customize it to fit their specific needs to maximize traffic.
  • Step 3:
    Pay for the campaign: Use the money that has been loaded onto your account to pay for the campaign you have created.
  • Step 4:
    Get traffic: Get mobile, plugin, popunder or blind traffic. You can also see which sites are sending your traffic and you are able to check where in the world your traffic is located. You have the power to block any unwanted referrals. You now receive live statistics that are fully compatible with Google Analytics.
PlugRush2 PlugRush Review Increase your Traffic Today!
PlugRush Registration Page, Get Started Today!!

PlugRush Traffic Conductors

At PlugRush we offer several ways for advertisers to promote their products. Here are some of the ways;
  1. Mobile plug traffic – it gives you the highly targeted traffic from mobile devices. It will deliver exclusively to you, through ads displayed in widgets throughout our network. You can create ads for mobile use while running other campaigns. Each campaign requires a minimum of one ad but we advise to have at least three.
  2. Mobile redirect traffic- it gives you redirected visitors on mobile devices throughout our network. All you need is a URL to the website you want to have the traffic delivered.
  3. Mobile pop traffic- mobile pops gives you popped visitors on mobile devices throughout our website and all you need is a URL of the website you want to have the traffic delivered.
  4. Plug traffic- it gives you highly targeted clicked traffic and its delivered to you through ads displayed in widgets throughout our website. You can create an ad before or while running campaigns. Each campaign needs a minimum of one ad but we recommend at least three.
  5. Blind traffic- it is cheap clicked traffic from random ads throughout our network. All you need is to select your targeting, bid, budget and URL you need traffic delivered too and you are ready to start acquiring traffic.
  6. Popunder traffic- this mode gives you a lot of visitors in a short span of time. When a visitor is visiting a website in our network, we open a browser window behind the website the visitor is visiting. In that window, we open your website. It is much cheaper than clicked and has worked for many advertisers.
  7. Redirected traffic- this is a new innovation source of traffic for your products. All you need is as URL where you need the traffic delivered. It works best for websites that sell products and do not rely on paid ads in their business models.

PlugRush Publisher

By being a publisher, you can sell traffic directly to a large network of advertisers. By simply adding your website, you can easily create one or more ad zones and start generating income. Below are ways to sell your traffic through PlugRush;
  1. Plug traffic- it is sold via ad zones called widgets. You create a widget place it in your website and it will instantly show ads to your visitors. Every time a visitor clicks on the ad you earn money.
  2. Mobile traffic- it is also sold through widgets. When we detect a visitor on a mobile device, we redirect them from your website to an advertiser who pays for this visitor and you earn money
  3. Popunder traffic- traffic is sold via a popunder window that opens when a visitor clicks on something on your website. You can generate this ad zone very quickly and then place the small script tag on your website and you will earn money.
PlugRush3 PlugRush Review Increase your Traffic Today!
PlugRush publishers page, generate more direct traffic now

Affiliate Programs in Plugrush

This exclusive PlugRush review will help you earn extra income by simply reviewing the different techniques to increase traffic to your sites. Profits are increased when traffic lands onto your site and you receive a percentage no matter what. You will get a 5% lifetime revshare of all their earning or spending. The income will be paid to your account monthly as a separate payout and it will be listed in your transactions along with other payments related to your account. By adding a banner or link in your website, you can then promote the affiliate program you chose to work with. Moreover, you can simply give your affiliate URL to a friend and have them register through it. Whenever someone registers through this URL they are connected to your account. If they decide to register later we set up a cookie in their computer to ensure that they will become your affiliate and you will get a share of any funds they spend or earn.
Signup now with PlugRush and increase your traffic and profits today!

plugrush1 PlugRush Review Increase your Traffic Today!

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